Announcing your Friday speaker: Local hero Oliver Thylmann!


Were’s uber-excited to have Oliver Thylmann onboard for the Friday’s talk! He’ll share some of his entrepreneurial experiences and learnings with you and set you off to a highly motivated start – If there’s anybody who can share a good story about startup entrepreneurship in Cologne, it’s Oliver!


About Oliver Thylmann

Oliver is a father, serial entrepreneur, developer whisperer, geek, and mobile junkie. He loves supporting people that want to go to where the puck is going to be.

Here are some more fun facts about Oliver:

– Finished school at the DSB in Bruxelles, Belgium
– Moved to Aachen, Germany to study Physics at the RWTH Aachen
– Got my first computer in 1995, Windows, 10mbit bi-directional laser to the university backbone on the roof
– 6 months later, joined the sysadmin team, built up the network, managed SunSparc mail and dns server, setup shared web hosting, …
– Co-Founded STATSnet sprl in the internet statistics space, later also SEO
– Started writing for BeOS related websites like BeNews and infoSync World in the Mobile Space, blogging on a personal site since 2001
– Even though Biomedical Technology and Physiology interested me, quit Physics and started an MBA at the Open University Business School in 2001.
– 2003 started working at OnVista Media GmbH to gain more experience in bigger companies
– Started building up what is today Ligatus GmbH from the technology side being first employee after Henning Lange.
– 2005: finished the MBA, married, quit, co-founded Ormigo GmbH with Henning Lange (sold to one of the biggest yellow pages company in Germany in 2010)
– 2008: co-founded Adcloud GmbH (sold to Deutsche Post DHL April 2011) as a sister company to Ormigo GmbH.
– 2013: co-founded Catalyst Zero