Announcing More Prizes!


In addition to the previously announced UFA Lab Cologne prize, our venue partner, the Startplatz incubator is offering two amazing prizes for the weekend!


The Rheinland Pitch Award

Friday: Pitched an idea, formed a team – Saturday: Built a prototype – Sunday: Won the Startup Weekend Cologne – Monday: Funded?


The Rheinland Pitch is a regular monthly event in Cologne held at Startplatz since the beginning of 2013 where the greater region’s new startups are invited to apply to practice their pitches, get professional pitch coaching and present to a crowd of press and investors each month, last Monday of the month – for free. The event series aim to help our regional startups gain an unfair advantage in pitching (because most pitches suck without practice) and getting more reach, contacts and attention for our regional startup founders. Although anybody can apply for free – there’s a very harsh selection and vetting process where normally only 1/3 of the applicants get accepted and invited to the pre-pitch and pitch coaching and only 1/2 of these teams get selected  to present to investors.

But if you win at Startup Weekend Cologne 2014 – YOU get to bypass the whole selection and vetting process and pitch directly as wildcard at the next Rheinland Pitch event on Monday Jan 27th, immediately after the weekend! How’s that for fast-tracking your new startup and getting you super-connected and in front of well known investors at light speed?

(If you are not able to send someone to pitch on the Monday, the next team in line will be handed the opportunity in stead).




So you have a great idea? You would like to set up a well-functioning business but no workplace to do it? You’d like to savor your potentials, establish new contacts, drink awesome coffee – and all in one place? As a special price STARTPLATZ is awarding a scholarship of three months in their office space and incubator in Media Park, the venue of Startup Weekend Cologne 2014, to a team based in Cologne – or willing to locate here.

Next to free Wi-Fi, printing, water and coffee you get the chance to connect to other people, expand your networks and participate in workshops and lectures. Even newbies don’t stay alone for long: getting to know the other Members happens almost automatically. Conversations can start faster than you can look – be it at your desk, in the kitchen or the corridor. And the One Question you’ll definitely be asked at the first meeting is: “so what do you do?”.

The STARTPLATZ team will be awarding the scholarship on Sunday after the pitches and will be on-location, keeping their eyes and ears open the entire weekend for the right team.